10 things they should teach us in school, but never did

I just read a nice piece that talks about what we never learned at high school or even university. These are ten things anyone should understand. For long I have been trying to say something like this but Micheal says it best, and since this comes from the worlds best architect/writer/teacher it is well worth more than a read. Hope over to The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School

It would apply to any field/career that we may choose. I always felt that being able to write, talk or be creative is nothing to be proud of. In essence as long as we are humans capable of reading shakesphere and dicussing the latest tech gadgets, we are good enough. But success is more than creativity. The six thinking hats would be useless with the six doing hats. I will write about these hats when I have some more free time. Cheers.

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