‘Thingyan’ was great

New Year! Happy new year. No, I am not drunk. Today marks the beginning of the year 1366, Myanmar Era. We celebrated this with a lot of religious activities such as doing merits, meditating, service to the old and the holy. But, what everyone would identify the approach of the New Year, is the Water Festival.

I was hopping between Vasakhi celebration and mandat squatting. Trying to dance, drink and drool over all the girls that come around in their latest attitudes for fashion. It’s not unusual to see some of them clad in their skimpiest dress trying to look cool, while boyfriends or brothers would be having a hard time covering them up! Damn! Why do they even bother? Personally I think they should never dress like that during a highly public and crowded festival, and if they did their peers should respect their sense of fashion and not make fools of themselves and the person they are protecting. Tell about decency before leaving home, not do mock shows of ‘covering up’. Silly

Today, each district does a parate recital to bring auspiciousness and to drive away the evil. The end of the ceremony is marked with banging of things in the house to create a noise which hopefully the devil can’t bear, and would runway out of fear. I enjoyed it. If you would like to look back and enjoy photo gallery and video footage of Thingyan 2004 head over to Online Myanmar.

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