More on the domain name issue.

After some research I found out that charge backs on credit card purchases are difficult to defend on part of the merchants. Mainly because there is no legitimate proof that the cc holder authorized that transaction — for lack of a signature. Also charge backs are very expensive. Even though the cost of a domain name might be just $8.95, the cost of charge back can be as high as $27.00. This means I’ll have a harder time getting the domain back. But I have lost it before two (this very domain with namezero). I trust that I’ll get it again.

Remeber This company based in California used to give domain names for zero cost. Yep, for free! Not jus the domain name, you also get an web mail account with a storage of 10 megs. They used to do this on the philosophy that you’d like more space for your emails, and that you’d prefer your own web pages later on, and would therefore buy the domain name from them. But they also thought that this was a good way to indentify popular names, and register them as well. I registered my name, with them. And guess what? they registered and as well. They probably figured that this was a popular name based on multiple google hits on ravi chhabra. Stupid, aint it? Just because there are many Chhabra’s and there are many Ravi’s doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be many Ravi Chhabras….

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