Even a Saudi Arabian proxy is better than ours…. sometimes

Just the other day I was surfing for a batch of new fresh open proxies to tunnel through. And just out of curiousity I tried a Saudi proxy. And then used that proxy to go back to the site that gave me a list of those very open proxies. And lo! Behold! This proxy actually bans the site that gave out its IP as a free open proxy. The irony. Only if they knew.

Even an Arabian proxy seems to have some sense as to what should be allowed and not allowed. At least I am able to do a lot of normal internet stuff with thier proxies. While ofcourse activities like visitng to dangerous sites that would seriously effect the security of my computer by tempting me with no frills, no dialers, no credit cards, well you know what I mean. Those kind of sites are indeed banned . Just like us. And sites that would list them as open proxies are also banned….

All seemed well with this proxy from the east, until well, until I started google. Now start learning to read from right to left. Payback time yee freeloaders from the west. Now start learning the correct way to read. Google has localized quite a bit. Next time I better try chinese, korean, japanese proxies and see how it turns up.

Anyway, I am frustrated. Bagan could you please, please let us use the real internet. The internet in it’s glory. Thank god at least http is open. And than the saying goes, “As long as http is open everthing is open”. But https is also open, which means a lot more than everything is open. Ahem. Ahem.

4 Responses to “Even a Saudi Arabian proxy is better than ours…. sometimes”

  1. ali Says:

    i need open proxy server
    address and port


  2. Administrator Says:

    You can go to http://www.proxy4free.com and other free proxy sites

  3. Musafir Says:

    i need proxy and tunnels to access orkut .. maximum of the proxy site are also banned in our colleges
    cooltunnel.com mathtunnel.com . boxofprox.com

  4. Administrator Says:

    Praveen, try these sites:


    I am in no way associated to any of the above. Use at your own risk.

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