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Ever so humble.

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Ever so humble.

I am learning that success lies with being realistic about things. The more one is adept with the true nature of things, without ego and superiority complexes the easier it would become to take on life. Everyone starts life out with humble beginnings. And after success, it is easy to get labeled as a proud. [It should be noted that the word ‘proud’ use to mean the same thing as ‘brave’, I salute to all those who are comfortably brave about being proud]After all it is expected. People would be preconditioned to actually think that you have become proud and is now not the same person you were, the list goes on. The expectation to confirm to this norm is there; therefore it becomes ever so important to become ever so humble.

What is being humble?

This really has more to do with how one’s action rubs with someone. If you did something that hurts someone in the wrong way, than it could with ease be labeled as ‘proud’, and therefore un-thought-full-of-others-action. So being humble is as easy as being thoughtful. It is easy said than done. Especially in a modern world, the fast paced world where people just want to move on. Move higher. Move over. Get out of my way dude. Ouch!